Jan 25, 2013 - The Summit Music Hall
Door Time: 7:00 PM
Presented By: UNC Radio

Day: Friday, January 25, 2013
Door Time: 7:00 PM
Age: All Ages
Advance Ticket Price: $8
Day Of Show Price: $10
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Anchorage - Final Show & Solterra - Single Release Show
Hailing from Denver, Colorado, Anchorage is a band that vows to forever value the integrity and creative spirit of their music. With the release of their debut full-length in January, 2013, "Patience" was the band's freshman foray into the world of experimental rock. The album is a showcase of the their unique and eclectic writing style, sporting a number of genre-defying tracks. A wide array of individual stylistic backgrounds led to the inevitable fusion found in Anchorage's music, and the boys think that that's just what they needed to stand tall in the crowd. 

Having worked to build a strong name across the Denver music scene and neighboring states, the boys head into 2014 ready to take the world by storm. With a new and upcoming six-song release, Roy Catlin, Scott Kelly, Matt Ruske, and Joe Hittle hope to open the hearts and minds of the masses with a catchy and creative approach to songwriting, and provide a live show filled with unrelenting energy to match. In their eyes, 'Anchorage' has become more than just a band -- it has become a beacon of humility and dedication. They hold faith that through continued hard work, and an appreciation for every new opportunity, it will only be a matter of time until they are catapulted into the realm national success. Until that day, the boys are grateful for every new fan who is willing to listen to their message.

Solterra is a four-piece Instrumental Progressive Fusion band from Denver, CO. Solterra's unique sound combines many musical elements, including (but not limited to) Rock, Post-Rock, Jazz, and Metal. The group is currently preparing to record their third record, to be released in 2014.



My Body Sings Electric
My Body Sings Electric

My Body Sings Electric have been building their impassioned following in the Denver music scene since the winter of 2007. Their pop-sensible blend of indie and punk is familiar, but unique enough to turn your head. Recently, the band has shifted it's musical focus to a more mature sound. They feel poised to receive the type of success a number of famous Denver locals have achieved as a result of the growth the band and the Denver music scene have been through over the last three years.



The movie Things To Do In Denver When You’re Dead may come to mind when one meets someone from Denver, CO. Little did Ashtree Close know that they would be able to relate to that movie’s sentiment when they formed their band ?fteen years after it’s creation.

When a city is heralded for its most popular bands’ musical stylings it sends a shockwave through the surrounding band’s hearts, left with the dread that they must ?t in or face perishing... sometimes. The current glow-pop movement rife with neon bleeding tweens sporting headbands and other super?uous merch items has led some to ?nd happiness, but for Denver’s Ashtree Close it has done something different. For the band of four, named after their singer’s grandmother’s cobblestone tree-lined street in London, England, it has propelled a need inside of them to get out of Denver, long before they’re dead.

Led by the booming sound of singer Will Johnston’s winding piano rock, Ashtree Close refreshes a beloved sound in a welcome way. A humble beginning has made them the staple ‘hometown opening band’ for national acts like Mae, Fun, and Terrible Things, but the quartet longs for much more. A mid-national tour last spring saw them playing the Shirts For A Cure SXSW party and playing alongside Circa Survive, Recover, Strike Anywhere, and many more.

After their jaunt through the dust-belt, the band returned home to bury themselves in song to write and record a batch of new songs that would shape the future of their band. Fully aware that music that they present to the world has the ability not only to get them out, but to get them through, Ashtree Close now presents to you, the “EP.”


T-Shirts For Tomorrow
T-Shirts For TomorrowIn 2007, Brandon Preece and Ethan Gilbert formed a band together, originally an acoustic duo. And in the year 2010 they evolved!
Now with Bass and Lead Guitar, from Kevin (Bass) and Erik (Guitar) the once acoustic duo now draws comparisons to All Time Low, Hit The Lights and even A Day to Remember. With melodic guitar riffs and the occasional breakdown, T4T makes a sound all their own.

The Greys of Gold
The Greys of GoldWhen striving for perfection in order to transcend the impurities inherent to mankind, we must delve past the norm, the grey, and aspire for the purity of gold.
In the suburbs of Denver, the Sanderson brothers and their apprentice Nicholas spend physical and metaphorical hours beneath the soul harvesting tasty beats and honing their craft. Refocusing their energies, The Greys of Gold search to make this trio re-embody the roots with which they are interred.
Through the process in which we surpass our imperfections, therein we discover Gold.