Mar 9, 2013 - The Summit Music Hall
Door Time: 6:30 PM
Presented By: Channel 93.3 and Twist & Shout

Day: Saturday, March 9, 2013
Door Time: 6:30 PM
Age: All Ages
Advance Ticket Price: $9.33
Day Of Show Price: $12
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The Epilogues
"The Epilogues have become known as the hardest working band in Denver... A true DIY band that has owned the local scene and grown on a national platform"-

The Epilogues are a commanding indie/synth/rock outfit hailing from Denver, Colorado. Combining pristine melodies, meaningful lyrics, and dynamic keyboards, the band delivers polished and danceworthy tunes that carry a kick. After their hit single “Hunting Season" became a staple on the radio in Denver, The Epilogues gained explosive momentum with dazzling live shows, popular headlining tours, and enchanting music videos. From SXSW in Austin to The Sunset Strip Music Festival in Los Angeles, and CMJ in New York City the band has played with a plethora of incredible acts and taken the stage at some of the most exciting events across the country. The passionate urgency with which they play each show leaves fans both elated and yearning for more.

A Tom Collins

The Photo Atlas - 7" Release Show
The Photo Atlas - 7The Photo Atlas is a high-powered, enterprising alternative rock band hailing from Denver, Colorado. Melding together the fast tempo and blistering guitars of punk rock, with the undeniable edginess of indie rock and the perfectly punctual melodies of dance rock, The Photo Atlas truly delivers one of the most unique sounds in the industry. Top that off with intelligent and thought-provoking lyrics belted out by Andrews’ one-of-a-kind voice and you have an absolutely unstoppable band. Formed in 2004, the band is the creation of longtime childhood friends and gifted musicians Andrews, Threlkeld, and Hawkins, whose only goal was to create and share the music that dwelled in their souls. After experimenting with different drummers, the band solidified its lineup with the addition of Taylor at the beginning of 2011 and The Photo Atlas has never sounded better.
A do-it-yourself band in the purest sense of the words, The Photo Atlas has never required the assistance of anyone else in the industry. A stint on Stolen Transmission Records in 2007 saw the release of their first full length album "No, Not Me, Never" and the band busted out on to the national scene. Shortly after the label went under, and the band had no problem returning to its independent roots. Playing by their own rules, sticking to their tough musical standards, and never compromising their art or passion, the men of The Photo Atlas can proudly say that they have consistently and unfalteringly followed their hearts throughout their entire career- and it has paid off. In 2009 they released the cleverly titled "To Silently Provoke The Ghost" EP which received a hard-to-beat four star review in Alternative Press magazine.
The Photo Atlas has received countless awards and recognitions, both regionally and nationally, including snagging a spot on SXSW’s “Best 100 Bands to Watch” compilation; being featured as the Band Of The Day on; getting listed in AP Magazine’s “22 Best Underground Bands That Won’t Stay Underground For Long”; being chosen as one of the top 100 “Feed the Beat” bands by Taco Bell; winning Westword’s “Best Post Punk Band” four years in a row; and becoming a finalist in KTCL’s Hometown For The Holidays. The Photo Atlas has also performed numerous times at the famed SXSW Music Conference in Austin and CMJ in New York, as well as at the Winter X-Games, Mile High Music Festival, Monolith Music Festival, and Vans Warped Tour. In addition, the charismatic artists have shared the stage with powerhouse bands such as Jet, The Bravery, Portugal. The Man, Neon Trees, Tokyo Police Club, and many, many more.
2012 included three extraordinary shows at SXSW, during which the band dazzled every last person in Austin, the band continued on to complete an incredible east coast tour. Touted for their magnificent live performance, The Photo Atlas never disappoints an audience, giving every show 110% and leaving nothing behind on stage but shoe scuffs and sweat drops. The band came back to Colorado and finished up their brand new full length album, "Falling For A Honeytrap", which will unleash some of their fastest, boldest, most dance worthy tracks to date. Delving into the world of synthesizers and keyboards, the new music of the Photo Atlas takes a walk on the darker side, while still retaining the fun, upbeat attitude of records past. Due for release early 2013. The band also was awarded the Independent Music on Tour program from the state of Colorado. Now with the state behind them, the forthcoming release, coupled with a daring new music video and an undoubtedly packed tour schedule, 2013 promises to crystalize The Photo Atlas’ dominant position in the music scene and ensure ever-growing success.

You Me And Apollo
You Me & Apollo came from the desert of southern Arizona where dirt bakes and cracks. The moniker belongs to Brent Cowles, who began exploring the weight and thirst of the name in 2007 with the writing and release of How To Swim, How To Rot - an EP of songs too harsh to be from the cask and too beautiful to have distilled under moonlight.

2010 found Cowles relocated to Fort Collins, CO, locked away in a basement studio. He emerged with a spirit on his breath and a collection of songs in hand. The 2011 full-length Cards With Cheats spread quickly from ear to ear as things of worth tend to do. The album marked the beginning of a sound carving itself out in Cowles heart: doo-wop, soul, alt-country lament. Written from the deeper places most ignore but You Me & Apollo seems to go with an unsettling strut, impossible to ignore.

Bringing the songs of the album to the stage required a band, and so a band was gathered. Bonds were formed, knots tied, blood oaths taken. 2012 finds You Me & Apollo - the band - with a refined sound and songs to serve up on a series of 7-inch records. They are moonlight and they are bright lights. They're in the woods and they're on the strip. They are heartache and they are vengeance. They are swagger and stomp. You Me & Apollo are headlong into the deep desert, and you're going with them.

Input + Broken
Input + BrokenGustavo D’Arthenay, better known as Input, is a well-known Denver-based hip-hop artist. His unique blend of rhythm based music and direct lyrics – as well as his commitment to his fans – has made him one of Denver’s most popular rappers and has helped him gain a devout local following.

First and foremost, Input is a music fan. His appreciation and passion for rap and hip-hop serve as the motivation behind his music. Input’s goal is simple: to create music that people, as a whole, can appreciate and relate to; straightforward music that makes sense. He is known for his ability to pair unique beats with uncomplicated, personal lyrics – creating music that resonates with listeners.

Since his first album, Input has demonstrated the work ethic and artistic drive that has made him such a highly regarded artist. His release, “Elusive Candor,” dropped in 2006 and marked an evolutionary shift into a new wave of hip-hop. In 2007, Input released “A Radio With Guts,” which he followed up in 2008 with the fan favorite, “Pictureface.” After a 30-city tour, he thanked his fans by releasing “Unreleased & Unrelenting” and “Lessons Learned” as free downloads.

Input has just released his new full-length album, “Left For Dead.” The new album, which features several popular artists, is Input’s first collaboration with producer Broken. Speaking to the new album, Input said, “I have explored my deepest emotions and demons to create something that I am more than proud of. This album will speak volumes of my personal growth and accomplishments over the past 5 years of music.” With this highly anticipated album, Input is poised to become an internationally recognized artist – something that won’t come as a surprise to his current fans.

The Knew
The Knew
The Knew are an optimistic bunch. Their ode to rock and roll is chuck full of howling vocals, guitar buffets and celebratory drum pounding. Their songs are armed with courage and truth amidst stories of nightlife, love and the Apocolypse. The resulting sound is primal, tight and devouring. And fun. This band is fun. Their guitar-based bombast will make your aching body boogie, your sad face happy,...
and your heavy heart sprint. Their latest full-length, Man Monster, is a body slam of melody, power, and thick riffs. It's the album that your best bud's of age brother jams. Man Monster will never let you shoulder tap. It'll set you and your crew up for the evening and will drive you home in the morning. There's no shame in staying over. Thanks for listening.!/theknew

Flashbulb Fires
Flashbulb FiresKnown for their distinctive brand of emotionally rich American indie-rock, Flashbulb Fires has a genuine conviction to push the boundaries of popular music. The Denver quartet’s knack for combining dynamic song structures with beautifully magnetic arrangements is instantly recognizable, while their live show is immediately captivating, blending polished artistry and raw electricity. With an energy akin to the Arcade Fire and lyrical sketches reminiscent of Pedro the Lion and The National, Flashbulb Fires’ music is both evocative and meticulously crafted.

Eldren makes its vibrant mark on the drab musical landscape of the 21st century 
using a broad palette of sonic brushstrokes. The band's epic psych-pop songs infuse
 an impressive array of influences and dynamics, incorporating the quirky electro
 pop catchiness of MGMT, the frenetic balls-to-the-wall prog rock of The Mars 
Volta, and the innovative complexity of Pink Floyd.  This depth of musicianship 
and composition translates into mind-blowing live shows and a rabidly devoted 
following. Their motto, "we are Eldren and so are you," speaks to the 
band's ability to transcend genre and appeal to every demographic.!/eldren_music

Fierce Bad Rabbit
Fierce Bad RabbitFusing together melodic strands of indie/alternative effects with a rock foundation, Fierce Bad Rabbit creates a unique sound that travels through poignant lyrics and pop-infused tunes to gritty pieces showcasing front man Chris Anderson’s well-honed style of songwriting. Evolving from their formation in 2009, Fierce Bad Rabbit has grown from Northern Colorado roots, blending together four strong musical talents from different genres. Featuring Anderson on vocals, guitar and piano, Alana Rolfe on viola and vocals, Dayton Hicks on bass guitar, and Max Barcelow on drums, percussion and vocals, the band has grown into a collective of raw and unbridled ambitions mixed with a strong sensibility for keeping their sound fresh and progressive.

With their newest album, “The Maestro and the Elephant,” released at the end of 2012, Fierce Bad Rabbit has transformed once again into a more mature, grounded, and modernized sound, while staying true to their proven poeticism and emotion-driven lyrics. Bringing multiple influences and genres, as well as collaborative writing to the project, the album presents a fresh face of Fierce Bad Rabbit, and one that includes Anderson co-writing with Shane Kiester, Rolfe, and Barcelow. As the follow up to their acclaimed 2010 release, “Spools of Thread,” as well as two EP’s, “Black and White,” and “Live and Learn,” Fierce Bad Rabbit takes the stage once again as a relevant voice in the music scene.

Post Paradise
Post ParadiseIf you’ve been hanging around the Northern Colorado rock scene for the past year or so, odds are you’ve heard about a band who has been taking venues by storm and amassing a generous buzz with the locals. With their innovative songwriting, unique instrumentation, and unforgettable live show, the cello-driven rock band Post Paradise is a fairly unmistakable outfit.

Rather than the stereotypical cello lines heard in the background of a ballad, or simply accompanying an acoustic track, Post Paradise features the cello in a central role, often as the lead instrument. This was a move that has been catching attention and will keep bringing their music to fresh ears as their buzz continues to grow.